BTS’s V Helps Fan Find A Blood Donor For Their Ailing Grandfather

He helped this ARMY in their time of need.

ARMYs all over the world are thanking BTS V for a small but life-changing act of kindness.


On January 16, a distraught BTS fan reached out to their fandom on Weverse, in the hopes of finding a blood donor for their grandfather. The OP’s grandfather, who is in critical condition, is in urgent need of an Rh-A type blood donor.

Everyone please please helpㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ My grandpa, who is an ARMY, is in critical condition. He needs Rh-A blood from the A blood type… We have no [Rh-A blood] in our country, so there have been times when blood was donated from a foreign country. Please, ARMY…….



V, who has been frequenting Weverse lately, saw the post. He commented on it in both Korean and English, hoping to help this fan’s grandfather get the blood he needs.


Thanks to V’s help, the fan was able to make contact with an Rh-A type blood donor in no time at all! The fan expressed their gratitude to V in this post.

For those of you who have the same blood type, please type #bloodtype. Thank you Taehyung. You’ve been a big help.

Thank you very much. The ARMY is here talking to us, and I think the blood will be safely delivered to the grandfather.

Thank you very much and I apologize once again.



Now, fans are trending #ThankYouTaehyung on Twitter to thank V for using his platform to help others, and to let the whole world know about his good deeds.