BTS’s V Might Have Gotten Himself Into “Trouble” For His Latest Instagram Story For An Unexpected Reason

“Sigh, it’s always the big accounts…” 😂😂

BTS‘s V is truly the most wholesome person in the world and always uses his social media accounts to interact with ARMYs and update them with what he’s doing.

Yet, recently, the idol might have got himself “hot water” for a hilarious reason after his recent Instagram story!

BTS’s V | @lilac_wht/Instagram

Since the BTS members created their own Instagram accounts, they have been used in the most wholesome ways and to update ARMYs about their activities. V is no different and like the other members, along with the posts…

BTS’s V is always active on Instagram | @thv/Instagram

| @thv/Instagram

The idol also loves using the “Story” function in different ways.

| @thv/Instagram

| @thv/Instagram

Well, it’s the “Stories” function that might have hilariously got the idol into “Hot Water”… but for the most unexpected reason.

V is set to star alongside some huge stars, including fellow Wooga Squad members Choi Woo Shik and Park Seo Joon, in the newest variety show called Jinny’s Kitchen (also known as Seo Jin’s.)

The poster for “Jinny’s Kitchen” starring V | tvN

Since the announcement, netizens have been teased with trailers, and it was even revealed that the cast would be appearing in the upcoming Game Caterers episode.


After the huge announcements and excitement ahead of the show’s premiere, one talented artist shared their own artwork of the cast.

Unsurprisingly, it was truly a beautiful piece of work, and it gained attention immediately, with even Choi Woo Shik sharing his love for the artwork.

Choi Woo Shik’s comment | @ski___0dh/Instagram

So, considering that Woo Shik saw it, it wasn’t shocking when V also saw it and thought it was so good that he had to share it on his own Instagram, with a countdown towards the premiere.

V posted the image on his story | @thv/Instagram

Yet, V gained attention and “heat” because, in the caption of the photo from the artist, they had written, “Please don’t repost,” to ensure that they continue getting the credit for the amazing artwork.

The caption on the artwork

Of course, V had seemingly not seen the artist’s words and shared them on his own Instagram account, which unsurprisingly had fans LOL’ing.

V probably didn’t notice the caption when reposting it, but it was hilarious that ARMYs were flooding the artist’s Instagram, with some “calling out” user @thv for reposting the image. Others just shared how huge it was for V to have shared the artwork, which probably showed how much he liked it.

Of course, the “heat” is all light-hearted but netizens love how V was showing support for the artist but might not have done it in the right way, according to the photo’s caption. It wasn’t surprising that ARMYs got involved in the “joke” and called out V in the artist’s comments.

You can read more about the show below.

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