BTS’s V Visited A Restaurant In His Recent Vlog And It Becomes A Viral Hot Spot For Netizens

ARMYs have revealed how V’s visit impacted the small business!

It seems as if the phrase “Everything I touch turns to gold” sometimes seems like an exaggeration, but it couldn’t be more true for K-Pop idols. Wherever they go, wear, or do, it instantly becomes viral.

The same has once again been proved true recently by BTS‘s V.


Since debuting, along with the other members of BTS, V has seen his influence cemented. Whether it’s a broach, lip balm, or something he’s worn, netizens have always rushed to have a taste of V, and it’s normally sold out in record time.

Recently, V stole the hearts of fans when he released a driving vlog for ARMYs. During the video, he took ARMYs along on a ride with him while he was just living his best life, listening to music, and just enjoying some time off (and even a visit to the dentist).


In particular, during one of the scenes, V stopped off at a restaurant to have some food. As soon as he stepped into the restaurant, it was the sweetest thing as V interacted with the staff ad enjoyed himself.

Even when he’d finished his food, V seemed to be in good spirits after visiting a restaurant that seemed truly friendly and allowed the idol to have some to relax.

Well, it seems like this single visit to the restaurant has truly had an impact on the establishment’s business. Since the vlog was released, it seems like netizens and fans have been flocking to this single restaurant to the extent that it’s been unable to meet the demand.

In a recent tweet, an ARMY shared that their friend had visited the same restaurant to get some food. Yet, they couldn’t have any because they were told it had run out of food.

My friend sent me this picture. He told me he couldn’t eat because they ran out of food. I’m going to try going on a weekday.

— OP

According to BTS fans, who also found out the name of the restaurant was Yuri’s Beolgyo Cockle Korean D’hote, it seems as if V’s visit meant that everyone wants a taste of what the idol has eaten.

Yet, the restaurant has prided itself on the visit and made the most of the exposure. According to other fans, there is also a sign in front of the restaurant that reads, “The place that BTS V-nim visited,” with pictures of the idol.

| @thetaeprint/Twitter
| @thetaeprint/Twitter

When the tweet was shared with international fans, netizens shared that even though it happens a lot, they never fail to be amazed by V’s power and influence. In particular, they praised him for helping local businesses flourish, even if he didn’t intend to do it.

Once again, V has showcased his power, and it seems like everywhere he goes instantly becomes a hotspot that ARMYs and netizens have to visit. Through his vlog, V promoted a genuine restaurant that treated him with respect and made him feel comfortable. It isn’t surprising that everyone wants to visit.

You can read more from V’s vlog below.

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