BTS’s V Shows Off His Down-To-Earth And Relatable Side In Recent Vlog Update

He’s just like us sometimes.

BTS‘s V showed off his relatable side during a recent vlog update. While many stars may choose to show off their exercise and home routines, V took fans on what would be a normal day in his life.

Things got real when he decided to take a detour to the dentist. He had chipped a tooth the night before on ice cream.

The cameramen dutifully followed him to his check up.

His look of fear and pain was the most relatable thing ever.

Everyone hates the dentist, even stars like V.

His soul left him after the session.

Strolling in the streets, he bought a few cobs of roasted corn for a midday snack.

The way he peeled the cobs and winced at how hot they were was peak human.

He even shared the snacks with his staff.

The corn looks delicious and it gave us a good close up of his bare face.

He rounded out the day with a favorite meal of his, mixed cockle rice.

The bibimbap was made plentiful by fresh cockles and acorn jelly, another favorite of V’s.

The restaurant owner even gave him extra acorn jelly.

A simple yet hearty meal!

V proves that sometimes all you need for happiness is a simple day of errands and food! Catch his healing vlog below.

Source: theqoo