BTS V’s Latest Inspiration Comes From The Most Unexpected Muse 

“The man is hilarious.”

Over the years, BTS‘s members have taken inspiration for songs from numerous sources, including their relationship with fans and their personal lives.


For example, Suga‘s recent Agust D song “AMYGDALA” drew on traumatic memories, including his traffic accident as a trainee, his mother’s heart surgery, and his father’s cancer diagnosis.

BTS’s Suga | Weverse

Several BTS members, including Suga, have now released solo albums and solo mixtapes. Fans are eagerly awaiting new music from V, but an official release date has yet to be announced.


Lately, the star has been traveling and attending events, including Naomi Campbell‘s birthday party in Cannes, France. Despite being busy, V managed to squeeze in some ARMY time on Weverse, where he answered fans’ burning questions.

One fan asked V where he has been getting his inspiration from lately, and his answer wasn’t one you’d typically hear in an interview!

| Weverse

 taehyung, where have you been getting your inspiration from recently?

— minisnow

A mosquito came into my room,” V joked, delighting fans with his cheeky answer.

| Weverse

Will the mosquito be getting its own song credits?

Is it the same one that featured in this song?

And just what is its relationship with Jin? (Somebody call Dispatch!)

It looks like V isn’t planning to drop spoilers about his solo album yet, but here’s hoping!