BTS’s V Just Joined Instagram, But He’s Already Dropping Thirst Traps

We’re not ready for Instagram V.

Instagram is on fire, thanks to seven new users you might have heard of…

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

In less than a day, each BTS member has racked up 10+ million followers. ARMYs around the world are curious to see how each member uses his personal account. So far, V (@thv) is showing two completely different sides of his personality. On the one hand, we have Vante the artist…

V’s first two posts. | @thv/Instagram

On the other? Weverse‘s King of Thirst Traps! V has a hilarious history of trolling fans with shirtless selfies on Weverse that he may or may not delete right after posting. For example, he gave ARMYs only 30 seconds to save this photo!

| Weverse

V later uploaded another selfie to let fans know he was keeping an eye on them. The caption says, “I A M R E A D I N G T H E P O S T S.” Wait. He’s what? 

| Weverse

Considering how V likes to use Weverse, it’s no surprise that he’s jumping on Instagram’s story feature. In this new, shirtless video, V shows ARMY his sexy side…

…and his cute side, and we weren’t ready for either one! The caption reads, “heoheoheoheo,” (laughter), while V says, “please take care of me.” Will ARMYs look after this Instagram rookie?


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