10+ Reactions To BTS V’s Shirtless Instagram Posts

“I was not prepared.”

Listen. Do you hear that? Somewhere in the world, Instagram employees are screaming in panic while trying to stop the app from crashing. Why, you ask? BTS just opened personal accounts, and is using his to drop thirst traps!

Fans were absolutely not prepared for V to post this shirtless selfie…

V | @thv/Instagram 

…or this sexy-cute story. Check out ARMY’s hilarious reactions!

1. He wasted no time whatsoever

2. He didn’t follow the recipe

3. We deserve an A+, sir.

4. The locals have no idea what they’re getting into, do they?

5. ARMY needs yours clarification, bestie.

6. Will we ever live in peace?

7. Welcome. First time with Bangtan Instagram?

8. *Twitch*

9. We’re waiting for it…

10. What HYBE meant when it said, “new chapter.”

11. There are two types of Instagram users

12. This is only the beginning!

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