BTS’s V Claims That ARMYs Influenced His Personality

He’s been lurking on ARMYs’ social media.

BTS‘s V is known as one of the more active members on social media, from Weverse to Instagram.


He revealed in an interview with IU on her show IU’s Palette that it’s mainly because of ARMYs.

IU: Insta Stories or Live, Weverse, you communicate in various ways…

V: I do?

V revealed that whenever he is bored, he becomes curious about ARMYs. So, he would check social media to see what they were up to.

I guess I always did that when I was dying of boredom I wonder what ARMYs are doing. I wonder how they’re doing. I do that. I quietly watch what ARMYs do.

— V

As V read ARMYs’ posts, time would go by so quickly. He saw ARMYs post about everything from the fun things to the struggles they had during their days.

Time goes by when I read them. There are letters from them telling me what they did today, what was hard, and what was fun. Time passes by when I happily read them.

— V

V believes that his personality was influenced by reading ARMYs’ posts. So, now, he naturally posts on social media as he has seen ARMYs do.

I guess my personality turned out this way due to ARMY. ARMY tells me what they did on that day on their posts. After I read them continuously, I become ARMY-ish. I post a story about what I did on that day, it was natural for me some time.

— V

Read what else V said about ARMYs during his interview with IU below.

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Source: 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube