BTS’s V Believes No One Knows Him Better Than ARMY, Not Even His Own Dad

They’re besties FR!

BTS‘s V recently guested on Episode 24 of IU‘s Palette, and he revealed his close relationship with ARMYs!

IU (left) and V (right) | 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube
V revealed that he can’t help but think of ARMYs whenever he is bored. He has spent so much time looking at their posts on social media.

I wonder how they’re doing. I do that. I quietly watch what ARMYs do. Time goes by when I read them.

— V

Later in the interview, V brought up ARMYs again. He mentioned that their interpretations of his music videos are the best as they know him best.

V explained to IU that no one knows him better than ARMYs do. Even BTS?! Maybe not BTS, but V said at least his own family, specifically his dad, doesn’t know him as ARMYs do.

No one in the world knows me better than my fans. Even my dad doesn’t know me!

— V

So, V and his dad might look just alike. But in terms of actually knowing each other… ARMYs still have Mr. Kim beat!

V’s dad | @BTS_twt/X

IU teased V and had him send a message to his father. Even in the video message, V said, “Dad, the fans know me better than you!” 

V previously described ARMYs as friends in an interview with Weverse Magazine. He included them in his IRL friend group.

They’re just, well, friends I would hate to lose. Friends who seriously give me strength whenever they’re around. Sometimes you find friends like that in life. It’s like that with the other members, and I have other friends who I can share my feelings with. And I have ARMY. So I can’t help but do whatever I can do to make those people smile and make them feel happy.

— V

Read more from the interview below.

BTS’s V Describes ARMYs As Friends Who Give Him Strength

Source: 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube


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