8 Things You Might Not Know About BTS V’s Dad

Like father, like son.

Long before BTSV‘s parents were raising him into the person fans know and love. Here are 8 things about V’s dad that you might not know!

1. V takes after the way his dad speaks

It’s no secret that V looks strikingly similar to his dad, but they have a lot more in common than just looks!

V’s dad | @bts_twt/Twitter

V’s sweet and sincere way of communicating makes ARMY’s heart flutter, no matter which language he’s speaking.

| Weverse

When a fan asked him who he learned to speak charmingly from, he said, “From my dad.”

| Weverse

2. V and his dad were once scammed by a taxi driver

At a fan event, V revealed what happened when he traveled from Gyeongsang Province to Seoul to sign his contract with Big Hit Music (then Big Hit Entertainment).

V in 2013.

A taxi driver charged V and his father a high fee for a short ride, scamming them. While sharing a meal afterward, V’s dad asked, “Do you remember that?” and V kindly replied, “That wasn’t right… But I’m sure he had his reasons.

3. If V had walked away from his idol dreams, his dad would have supported the decision

On tvN‘s You Quiz On The Block, V shared a touching story from his trainee days. When he felt like quitting, his dad stood by him. This ultimately made V want to keep trying.

Being a trainee was so hard that I called him crying. When I told him I wanted to quit, he told me, ‘If it’s too hard, you can quit. There are lots of other jobs. Let’s look for one together.’ I had nothing to say to that. I felt embarrassed that I said that in the first place. As time passed, those words touched me.

— V

4. He gave BTS an important piece of advice

On You Quiz On The BlockRM revealed a piece of advice from V’s dad that became a slogan to BTS; “It’s no big deal.” No matter what challenges BTS faces, they can always overcome them.

| You Quiz On The Block/Youtube 

5. He is V’s childhood hero

In an interview, V named his dad as his hero. He revealed that he was raised by his grandma, but saw his dad on weekends. V’s dad gave him all the support he needed to pursue his dreams.

| @bts_twt/Twitter

Like I’ve always said, my hero is my dad. There’s always this moment where you say ‘wow’ and even the smallest actions seem cool. I was raised by my grandma and my dad came home on the weekends. There was this coin box in the car that was used to pay at the tollgate and my dad would grab a bunch of coins and give them to me. At that young age, I thought ‘my dad is the best!’. It’s all because of my dad’s support that I am here today.

⁠— V

6. V wants to inherit his dad’s personality

V has said several times that he aspires to be more like his dad by taking after the traits he admires.

My father is my dream. I resemble my father a lot. I want my personality to be more like his, too. If you look at old photos, my father was more handsome than I am.

— V

7. He’s V’s dad, but also his friend

In the future, V plans to adopt the same parenting style his dad used to develop a friend-like relationship with his children. V is able to talk to his dad like he would a friend…

…and his dad always listens to his problems.

8. V’s conception dream

In 2015, V revealed his parents’ conception dream in a profile questionnaire. He wrote, “My father had a bet with a dragon playing pool and won. He received a magic pearl and I came out of it.”


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