BTS’s J-Hope Handled His “Black Swan” Stage Accident Like A Pro

Most viewers didn’t even realized what had happened.

BTS‘s first-ever “Black Swan” performance made an impact on J-Hope. Literally.


On January 29, BTS guested on The Late Late Show With James Corden, where they gave their debut “Black Swan” performance, played hide and seek (with hilarious results), and answered questions.


During the interview, James Corden asked BTS how they deal with on-stage mistakes, like forgetting a dance move. J-Hope simply replied, “I don’t care.” Meaning, he doesn’t let blunders bother him.


If actions speak louder than words, J-Hope’s are on full blast. He expertly handled an accident while performing “Black Swan”, but most viewers had no idea!


After the show ended, went live with fans for another installment of TaeTae FM 6.13. His first guest, J-Hope, revealed a behind the scenes story that cracked them both up.


J-Hope had been kicked in the head by none other than V!


“If you watch the performance carefully,” J-Hope said. “I’m kicked once, and I continue my choreography.”


Look closely and you’ll see J-Hope touching his head and/or mic after the kick. “I almost fainted,” he confessed, but he didn’t miss a beat!


At the time, V has no idea he had kicked J-Hope, but J-Hope said he’d expected something like this to happen.


Thankfully, J-Hope’s willpower saved the dance!


Watch BTS’s “Black Swan” performance here: