BTS’s V Can’t Stop Obsessing Over His Latest Passion — And ARMYs Are Loving It

He’s so into it!

BTS‘s V is passionate about his creative hobbies. From art to photography to music, he loves being artistic!

V | Weverse

Recently, he’s telling ARMYs all about his love for jazz music. In the past, he’s always named it as the genre he wants to try…


…and even as the inspiration for his love of playing the trumpet.

Not only can fans look forward to genres like classical and jazz on his upcoming mixtape, they can also head to his social media posts to see what he’s listening to lately.

CD! There are so many jazz songs I want to recommend but I don’t know the song titles..

— V

V | Weverse

Recently, he took to Weverse and Twitter to promote his love for the genre and even gave some recommendations to fans.

I think it’s a great blessing to be able to be moved by Jazz

— V

| Weverse

This time he came bearing recommendations

  • ARMY: I like jazz too, can you please recommend me some jazz?
  • V: The Billie Holiday movie came out today.
| Weverse

After his suggestion, it didn’t take long for “Billie Holiday” to trend at #6 on Melon’s real-time search!

The same day, he also posted “Now You Has Jazz,” performed by Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong.

This is the video of my life. I’ll share it with you 🕴.

— V

V’s love for the genres shows how passionate he is…

…and fans cant wait to see how his love for it influences his upcoming music!