BTS’s V Joined The “Itaewon Class” Cast On Set For Final Taping

V dropped by to cheer on Park Seo Joon.

Itaewon Class has come to a close, but BTS V‘s love for the show (and its cast) lives on!

This must-see K-Drama tells the story of an ex-convict, played by V’s close friend Park Seo Joon, who opens a restaurant called DanBam (Sweet Night) and strives toward success while rebuilding his life. The final episode aired on March 21 in Korea.

In this photo, taken on the day of Itaewon Class‘s final taping, V joins the cast and crew for a group picture. The man with his arm around V’s shoulders is director Kim Sung Yoon.

V’s solo song for the Itaewon Class OST, “Sweet Night”, played as the closing song in the show’s final episode.