Academy Award Winning Jazz Musician Jon Batiste Can’t Stop Praising BTS’s V And Wants To Meet The Idol

How can you not love V?

All of the members of BTS seem to have an endless supply of talent. Although they are known for being idols, their skills spread even wider, including acting, songwriting, and much more. In particular, over the past few months, V has caught the attention of ARMYs for his special talent, and it seems like they aren’t the only ones.


Back in October 2021, during BTS In The SOOP, V showcased his trumpet skills by giving ARMYs a sneak peek into one of his lessons.

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During the lesson he had while filming, he showed his true talent for the trumpet. His teacher asked him to sustain a note for 3 seconds, and he went above and beyond by holding the note for a total of 17 seconds.

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Earlier in the month, V also surprised fans on his Instagram story by sharing a video of himself playing the trumpet. It was so good that even member J-Hope thought his member was acting, and V had to confirm that it was real and he was actually playing.

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Of course, ARMYs couldn’t get over how talented he was, but he also caught someone else’s attention, and it is none other than jazz musician Jon Batiste.

With BTS set to attend the Grammys in April, one fan explained that their dream interaction at the awards would be between V and the Academy Award winner Jon Batiste.

The official account for the awards shared their response, saying, “We’ll send you a photo if it happens.

Jon Batiste seemed to notice and shared his own views on the idea. Jon later shared an edited photo of the two with what seemed like similar outfit vibes, and added, “Love him. I’m in. Are you Kim Taehyung?”

When the reply was noticed by ARMYs, they all couldn’t hide their excitement at this possible interaction. In particular, they started tagging the official BTS Twitter page hoping that V would notice.

If that wasn’t enough, it seems like Jon Batiste might be serious about this because he was later seen not only following V on Instagram…

But reposting the video of V from the start of February where he was playing “Autumn Leaves.”

It isn’t the first time that V has caught the attention of jazz royalty. In October last year, musician and Grammy winner Kurt Elling was vocal about sharing his love for member V!

V is a huge fan of Kurt Elling and a fan commented on one of Kurt Elling’s Instagram pictures with some kind words about the jazz musician and shared her desire for a collaboration between the two. Although the ARMY might not have expected a reply, Elling did comment back saying, “Thanks, I hope the same,” with a purple love heart!

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With all of these interactions and jazz musicians praising V, the idea of the two artists meeting excited fans, with some even wondering whether it might help fulfill V’s desire to release a Jazz Track in the future.

You can read more about V’s amazing trumpet skills below.

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