Director Jungkook Shares His Vision For BTS’s Comeback Music Video

Take a look into the mind behind the camera.

Jungkook is switching out an idol’s microphone for a director’s camera for BTS‘s comeback.

The mind behind the G.C.F (Golden Closet Films) series is applying his artistic vision to an upcoming music video that is self-produced by BTS. Last week, BTS revealed the first details about this MV, including the concept, possible locations, and the message of the song that the MV will be created for.

During the meeting, and J-Hope suggested shooting the video like the G.C.F. films in a way that’s sincere, truthful, and dream-like.

Once all the brainstorming ideas were collected and organized, and Jungkook took them to the staff to discuss the filming process. Director Jungkook wants the clips to be filmed by one or more members then cross-edited together in a way that juxtaposes the ideas they discussed in their earlier meeting.

As for the shooting style, Jungkook envisions a video with a variety of shots, similar to what was done in the “Euphoria” MV for FESTA.

“I want to do something like that with shots other members and I took with that feeling,” he explained. “but with higher quality.” 

V also suggested using concert footage as flashbacks to contrast BTS’s pre-pandemic reality with their present off-stage lives.

Watch the meeting here: