BTS’s V And Jungkook Call Their Moms For Help During New Episode Of “Run BTS!”

Sometimes, mom knows best!

In episode 137 of Run BTS!BTS continued with their “entertainment quiz show!”

For the first round, the members had to guess the song after listening to it for only a second.

From the very start, two members stood out the most. Jungkook and V both managed to keep correctly guessing the answers whether it was their song or not.

However, things quickly became difficult when a snippet of a song consisted of what sounded like a car engine or, as Jimin pointed out, someone putting their phone on a table.

Even as the staff played longer clips, none of the members seemed to know what the song could be! It was only once the group heard the voices that they seemed to finally realize what it was. Unfortunately, nobody knew the title!

While the members discussed what it could be, V took advantage of the chaos and decided to phone his mom for help!

With the group’s name, V hoped that his mom would know what this mystery song was! Yet, like the members, she didn’t know the answer!

Jungkook then took the opportunity to phone his mom, who he hoped would finally be able to give them the song’s name!

When the track started playing, Jungkook’s mom seemed to recognize the song but couldn’t remember the title. It felt like the members lost all hope of getting the answer.

Luckily, just as the producers were going to say the title, Jungkook’s mom finally got the answer, with some help from his dad. Identifying the song as Yung Turks Club‘s “Affection,” Jungkook and Jimin got the point which got them very excited!

It is not the first time the members have needed help from their parents. In episode 136, J-Hope And Jimin contacted their family during a quiz on their knowledge of various Korean province dialects.

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of help from your parents, even if you’re international K-Pop idols!