BTS’s V And 3 Other K-Pop Idols Praised For Breaking Gender Stereotypes In Fashion

We stan stereotype-breaking kings 🙌

Not only are the members of BTS fashion kings — especially fashionista V — but they aren’t afraid to be experimental in their styles, and try out daring clothing that others might not.


This includes wearing items that some would consider more “feminine”, such as skirts, fishnets, and other stereotypical “women’s” wear.

BTS’s J-Hope and Jimin

Recently, a video posted by YouTuber Dia.sister, who is a jewelry-focused fashion enthusiast, listed several celebrities that she believes break gender stereotypes through their use of pearl jewelry. And the list included V, plus three other K-Pop idols!

We’ve written about the BTS member being a king of pearl accessories before, so it’s great to see this choice of fashion of his get more attention.

Pearls are often considered something that women typically wear by society’s standards, and seeing someone as handsome and confident as V rocking the beautiful accessory is a delight to see.

Weather he wears them as earrings, on necklaces and bracelets, or even on clothing itself, there’s no pearl-centered fashion piece that doesn’t look beautiful on V!

Along with V, the other K-Pop idols mentioned in the video are WINNER‘s Mino

A closer look at Mino wearing pearls

BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon

… And HIGHLIGHT‘s Yoseob.

Outside of the idols mentioned in the video, numerous other male K-Pop idols have been wearing this growing fashion trend as well!

ATEEZ’s Hongjoong

TXT’s Yeonjun

VICTON’s Sejun

You can watch Dia.sister’s whole video discussing male celebrities rocking the pearl fashion trend below.