BTS’s V Surpasses Yet Another Major K-Pop Group In Spotify Followers

His popularity is skyrocketing on every app!

Just a month ago, we wrote about how BTS‘s V had gained enough followers on Instagram to surpass BLACKPINK on the social media app.


And it seems like there are no limits to V’s success, because now he has passed another huge K-Pop group on Spotify in followers!


He has been a soloist on the app for a couple of years now, and was even the first K-Pop soloist to surpass 5 million followers and monthly listeners simultaneously on Spotify back in January this year.


His number of followers has nearly doubled now, and currently sits at about 9.27 million, making him the 7th most-followed Korean artist on Spotify.

V’s current followers and monthly listeners on Spotify

This number was high enough to just surpass none other than EXO, who has been on the music-streaming app for years longer than V!

What’s even more impressive is that V is the only K-Pop artist to reach the top 10 most-followed on Spotify without his own solo album or mixtape yet.

However, with solo BTS member albums expected to be released soon, hopefully this will change before long, and will likely lead to him gaining even more well-deserved followers on Spotify!