BTS’s V Reveals His Life Motto, And It’s Honestly Inspiring

V comes speaking words of wisdom…

BTS recently did an interview with Vanity Fair in which the members competed in their own game show to find out just how well the members knew each other. Each member was asked a question about themselves to which they wrote down the answer. Whoever first guessed the answer correctly then gained a point, resulting in a winner at the end.

BTS’s V | Vanity Fair/YouTube

When it was V‘s turn, his first question was: “What is my life motto?”

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

All of the members were quick to guess, shouting out their guesses left and right. Yet, V had not even had the chance to write anything down yet!

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

Jin was the first, guessing, “What is that?” Meanwhile, J-Hope and Jungkook both had their hands up…

Once given the opportunity, J-Hope proudly declared, “My father is my life!” Not a bad guess, considering V does have an amazing relationship with his parents and regularly mentions them in interviews.

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Unfortunately, J-Hope was wrong. He was given a second chance, as he guessed, “Live happily.” This time, he was a lot closer. Still, V shook his head and said, “It’s similar to that. There’s another part to it.” 

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The maknae was next in line and guessed, “Live life to the fullest.” V proudly turned over his card to reveal that he had written, “Live a fun and happy life,” thus giving Jungkook a point.

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He then shared personally what this motto means to him and how it has impacted his life. He explained that he doesn’t consider himself to be successfully living life if it’s not one of genuine joy.

Nowadays, I think if my life is not fun and I’m unhappy, then I don’t consider that living life. I only have one life to live. So, I would like to spend it having a fun and happy time.

— V

| Vanity Fair/YouTube

RM agreed with V’s philosophy. He added to it: “Life is not a slot machine. There are no multiple choices.”

Watch the full interview and find out who won the “game show” below:

Source: Vanity Fair