BTS’s V Goes Viral Among Locals As The “Brown Turtleneck Guy” From Latest Louis Vuitton Video

“I might get into BTS just for him.”

BTS‘s V is gaining attention from non-fans after Louis Vuitton posted a video of BTS on Instagram.

The video shows the members receiving their invitation to watch Louis Vuitton’s presentation of the Men’s F/W 2021 fashion show.

Following the release of the video, V’s name rapidly rose to the #1 most-searched term after “Louis Vuitton” on Google.

“V” becomes #1 related topic to search term “Louis Vuitton” on Google. | Naver

Simultaneously, Louis Vuitton’s Instagram post was flooded with people asking for the name of the “guy with the brown turtleneck.”

In the video, he sports a taupe sweater and lets his good looks do the talking!

| @taehyvngpics/Twitter

He’s effortlessly stunning — and totally boyfriend material.

| @louisvuitton/Twitter
| @louisvuitton/Twitter


To cop his full look from the sweater to the accessories, you’ll need to be prepared to spend at least a few thousand USD.

However, V’s visuals make the whole look priceless!

| @taehyvngpics/Twitter

Check out the video from Louis Vuitton below.

Source: Naver