V Announces Who He Will Marry, And His BTS Members Are Loving It 

They approve, 100%!

If you’ve been dreaming of saying “I do,” to BTS‘s V, we have some bad news for you; he’s officially off the market!


In a new preview for BTS’s Season’s Greetings 2022 package, BTS embrace their inner rockstars and answer fun trivia questions about themselves. As expected, the quiz is a chaotic mess, promising plot twists, sass, and all kinds of hilarity for fans to enjoy.

As Jimin told Jin, BTS just can’t live without each other! “And that’s how we grow old,” Suga added.

V, however, took life with BTS to the next level. He jokingly announced that he will marry…his members! After all, nothing says “together forever” quite like a wedding ring.

J-Hope nearly fell out of his seat laughing as Jungkook gave the announcement a standing ovation! Poor V seemed to be backpedaling, but it’s too late now. The “news” is out!

Watch the preview here: