BTS’s V Gains Attention For His Innocent Visuals Arriving At “M Countdown,” But Leaving Was A Completely Different Story

How can someone change so quickly?!

BTS‘s V is one of the idols most known for his duality. Whenever he is on stage or just relaxing, the idol can go from insanely hot to absolutely squishy within the space of a few seconds. It is definitely one of the things that ARMYs love most about V.

Recently, V showcased that same duality on the way to a pre-recording for Mnet‘s M Countdown.


To celebrate the release of their latest album PROOF, BTS made ARMYs very excited when it was announced that the group was going to be appearing on music shows for the first time in over two years.

For many, it will be exciting to see the song “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)” performed live in front of fans, along with other tracks.

BTS’s newest music video | HYBE LABELS/YouTube 

On June 13 (KST), the members arrived to record M Countdown. As expected, they all looked great. Yet, in particular, V gained attention for his entrance because of how innocent he looked. Getting out of the car, V looked ethereal, dressed in white and holding a coffee.

| 티비텐/YouTube 

At one point, even V looked shook by the number of reporters and fans that had come to see the members, and he was definitely cute AF with his perm. Even Korean news outlets couldn’t get enough of V’s visuals which they described as “innocent” and “child-like.”

| 티비텐/YouTube

Even the pictures looked so sweet, with V being so excited that he even got an “eye smile” as he walked towards the entrance while making sure he was seen by the fans and media who had waited. Dressed all in white, he looked like an angel and had the personality to match.

Yet, it was a completely different story when the members left the filming. As soon as V started making his way back to the car, the difference was already massively showcasing his duality. Compared to the first clips, V was now wearing a black outfit, no mask, and looked like someone straight off a high-fashion catwalk.

Even the way he held himself and walked to the car was worlds away from the innocent V that they had seen hours before.

The media perfectly managed to capture V’s more sophisticated and actor-like visuals as he was leaving the filming.

When V first arrived, netizens couldn’t get over his charming visuals but this changed when he left. Many pointed out how different V looked and how only small changes made V turn from an adorable member of BTS to the worldwide superstar known to even those who don’t like K-Pop.

Even without seeing the group’s performances, V has managed to capture the hearts of ARMYs worldwide and the media waiting for the group. No matter what V does, he manages to hit headlines and this appearance was no exception.

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