Reporter Has A Major Fanboy Moment Over BTS’s V At The “Inkigayo” Pre-Recording

Everyone is in love with V!

When it comes to the members of BTS, they all have millions of fans worldwide who are always there to share their love no matter what the group is doing. Unlike many groups, it seems like BTS’s fans don’t just mean those who follow their music and love the group, and Korean reporters have particularly been gaining attention for their fanboying.

In particular, one member has seemingly got all the reporters whipped, and it’s none other than V!


BTS recently released their latest album PROOF, with the music video for the track “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” and it was definitely emotional AF.



One of the big things about this comeback is that, after two years, it was announced that the members would be returning to music shows.

On June 12, BTS continued with their promotions for PROOF as they went for the filming of Inkigayo. Despite the late starting time for recording, the members looked like true visuals, and V was no exception. Even though they went through a back entrance, V still made sure to wave to fans.

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Yet, although ARMY seemed to be in full voice, one reporter was already getting excited about the idea of seeing V before he even arrived.

One clip from a reporter has gone viral and it’s because of his admiration for the idol. In the clip, the reporter seemed to be relatable AF when speaking about the idol.

Last member, very, very handsome guy, Tete. Where is Tete? Where is V? I miss V! You wanna V,, everybody’s V!

— Reporter

When V finally arrived, the same reporter definitely had the right reaction as he screamed, “TAEHYUNG-SHHHIIII!

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In the tweets shared, ARMYs couldn’t get over how much this reporter seemed to love V and the compliments he was sharing.

Yet, it isn’t the first time reporters have shared their love for V as the members while the group has been present for schedules for their newest album PROOF. 

On June 10, BTS arrived for the pre-recording of Inkigayo. Although all the members saw the wrath of reporter fanboys, one went viral for his reaction to V as he shouted, “Taehyung-shi.”

Even as the members arrived at the Jangchung Municipal Stadium ahead of their M Countdown pre-recording, one reporter was seen saying, “I love V” while waiting for the idols to arrive.

Even when members were going to America for their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows, all the reporters seemed obsessed with V. One member of the press exclaimed, “Taehyung-ssi have a safe journey…” and V made sure to reply, saying, “Sure, sure, sure, hehe.

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With BTS hopefully doing a lot more promotions for PROOF, now that they can meet fans, it is the perfect time to see the reporters who love the group as much as ARMY. Considering their influence and kind personalities, it isn’t surprising that everyone is obsessed with the members.

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