Reporter Fanboys Over BTS Members On Their Way To Music Show

ARMYs couldn’t help but relate!

BTS are totally and officially back, much to the excitement of everyone!

From left: BTS’s V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope in “Proof” concept. | BIGHIT MUSIC

On June 10, BTS dropped their anticipated anthology album Proof. They also released an emotional MV for the title track, “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment).”

As if it couldn’t get any more exciting, BTS also made their return to music shows for the first time in over two years! Their last appearance was for “ON” at Inkigayo on March 8, 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down live performances for an extended period.

Reportedly BTS will be promoting the title track of their album, “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment),” and “For Youth” on several different music shows. So far, three performances have been announcedM Countdown on June 16, Music Bank on June 17, and Inkigayo on June 19. BTS’s other new song, “Run BTS,” is banned, though, as it was deemed “unfit for broadcast.” 

So, BTS’s new album and MV didn’t only release today, June 10. The members all went to record for KBS’s Music Bank.

RM arriving for the recording of KBS’s “Music Bank.”
Jin arriving for the recording of KBS’s “Music Bank.”

While ARMYs were very excited about the album release, many were eager to catch a sight of the BTS members ahead of their music show recordings. So, many went out to greet them.

Suga arriving for the recording of KBS’s “Music Bank.”
J-Hope arriving for the recording of KBS’s “Music Bank.”

And, of course, many reporters were present as expected too. So, lots of photos were captured of BTS.

Jimin arriving for the recording of KBS’s “Music Bank.”

There were many candid shots, but lots of camera-ready model-like shots, as has come to be expected from the BTS members as they usually make an effort to pose for photographers even while they’re on the move.

V arriving for the recording of KBS’s “Music Bank.”

So, they stunned us with their visuals, as always.

Jungkook arriving for the recording of KBS’s “Music Bank.”

Still, many press stress about getting that perfect shot! So, they usually call idols’ by their name, hoping to grab their attention for them to look their way for the camera’s sake.

Yet, one specific reporter is going viral on Twitter due to how he called out to the BTS members as they headed in for KBS’s Music Bank. It didn’t sound like an average paparazzi but instead like a true ARMY, hoping to get their bias’ attention.

In clips of the members walking into the building, one man can be heard calling each member by their name, including their real names rather than stage names. Yet, he also added honorifics at the end. For example, for V and Jungkook, he referred to them as “Jungkook-shi” and “Taehyung-shi,” respectively. Shi (씨) is added to show respect, sort of like referring to someone as Mr. Kim or Mrs. Kim. On the other hand, ah (아), while still an honorific, is more friendly and may be used towards someone younger.

Not only did the man use honorifics when calling out to the members, but his voice could be heard straining like a true fanboy, especially in the case of the maknae line. And, ARMYs noticed it too!

ARMY couldn’t help but relate to the reporter in question. Many of us would scream at the top of our lungs, too, if we saw BTS in person!

And, of course, this wouldn’t be the first nor the last time that BTS’s maknaes especially had reporters simping. At the recent premiere of Broker, a film about found families and baby boxes, starring V’s friend, actor Kang Dong Won, a reporter couldn’t stop gushing about the BTS member!

V at “Broker” premiere.

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