ARMYs Suspect There’s A Sweet Hidden Meaning Behind BTS V’s “Team Tiger Vs Team Bear” Poll

V is so thoughtful! 💜

While BTS‘s V may have settled the Team Tiger vs Team Bear debate once and for all, fans can’t help notice that he may have sent a super wholesome secret message through his debate-settling poll!

BTS’s V | BTS/Weverse

V posted a poll on his Instagram asking ARMYs to choose whether he was best represented by a bear or a tiger.

| @thv/Instagram

Your choice: BEAR | TIGER

— V

V got the idea to ask ARMYs to choose his official representative animal from RM. During a live stream, V told the other members that his fans were fighting because some fans thought he was best represented by a tiger and others thought he was best represented by a bear.


After the poll ended, V announced that Team Bear had won.

| @thv/Instagram

Bear wins

— V

Although V asked ARMYs to choose between tiger and bear, fans couldn’t help noticing that the photo he chose for the background of his poll showed both animals. What’s more, the bear had its paw around the tiger as if they were friends.

Many ARMYs interpreted the photo as V’s subtle way of saying that Team Tiger and Team Bear should get along because they’re all ARMYs, no matter which team they belong to.

Even when he’s settling debates, V is just as thoughtful as ever!