BTS Fans Accuse Songwriter Of “Taking Credit” For V’s “Sweet Night”

Some fans believe that Melanie Joy Fontana is taking too much credit for the song’s achievements.

Songwriter Melanie Joy Fontana is facing criticism from BTS fans for allegedly “taking credit” for V‘s solo song “Sweet Night”.

“Sweet Night” was released back in March for the K-Drama Itaewon Class OST (Part 12). Since then, it has climbed charts and broken records, earning V more than 100 #1s on iTunes. “Sweet Night” was produced by and Hiss noise, and cowritten by V, Hiss noise, ADORA, Melanie Joy Fontana, and Michel “Lindgren” Schulz.

Fontana has co-written several songs with BTS, including “Stay Gold”, “ON (feat. Sia)”, “Boy With Luv”, and “Mikrokosmos”.

On July 14, Universal Music Publishing featured Fontana on their Instagram, highlighting her work on “Sweet Night”. This post, and Fontana’s response to it, is not being well-received by some BTS fans.

These fans are accusing Fontana of taking more than her fair share of credit for V’s “Sweet Night” achievements, claiming that she is piggybacking off his success.

Last year, Fontana received similar criticism from fans for allegedly taking too much credit for co-writing “Boy With Luv”.

Although Universal Music Publishing’s post rubbed some ARMYs the wrong way, it should be noted that Fontana has publicly acknowledged and thanked BTS, tagging the group and her co-writers, in several of her own personal Instagram posts, including one about “Sweet Night”.

Regardless, these fans believe Fontana should give credit where credit is due, namely to BTS and to ARMY for boosting sales and streams.