BTS’s V Sends Message Of Support To Korean Athlete Shin Yubin While She Is Competing In The Tokyo Olympics

She is true ARMY goals!

With the Tokyo 2020 Olympics currently taking place, it seems like the world’s love of K-Pop is making its way to the event. In particular, one athlete who has caught the attention of fans is the youngest member of South Korean table tennis, Shin Yubin

Last month, Yubin did an interview ahead of the games, sharing her love for BTS, explaining how much the group meant for her. She also added that her bias was V, saying, “I always watch a lot of your videos and cheer for you. So please cheer for me a lot too.” It seems as if that dream has come true.

Korean athlete Shin Yubin | @shin_yubin_/Instagram

On July 25, Yubin beat Luxembourg’s Xia Lian Ni in the second round of the women’s singles. Knowing Yubin is an ARMY, a fan went on the platform Weverse and posted a picture of Yubin from a previous television interview with the caption, “I listen to BTS’s new songs often… my condition feels better.

In the post, the ARMY wrote, “Country representative for table tennis, Shin Yubin athlete. BTS, thank you today too for letting many people gain strength.

| Weverse

It seems as if V was watching because later in the day, he replied to the post about Yubin with the comment, “Fighting.”

| Weverse

After V commented on the post, many fans took to social media, saying how exciting Yubin must be to have the support of her BTS bias!

With more matches for her in the games, BTS and ARMY will be rooting for Yubin during the games! You can watch Shin Yubin’s go-to BTS song, “Dope,” below.

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