Korean Athlete Shin Yubin Reveals How BTS Helps Her Prepare For The Tokyo Olympics

An ARMY is taking BTS to the Olympics!

It seems as if BTS fans are everywhere, with high-caliber stars showing their support for the group from Chris MartinLizzo, and many more. Recently, the youngest member of the South Korean table tennis Shin Yubin has shared her love for the group ahead of the Tokyo Olympics!

| @shin_yubin_/Instagram

Ahead of the games later in the year, Yubin expressed how much BTS means to her. She explained that not only does she carry photos of the group in her bag, but she has her BTS playlist ready for Tokyo.

In particular, she added that the song on the top of the list is the group’s 2015 song “Dope” from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Pt. 1.

When I am down on myself, I play ‘Dope,’ and it makes me feel great about myself and helps me relax. I want to be ‘dope’ for fans at the Olympics.

— Shin Yu Bin

| @shin_yubin_/Instagram

“Dope” is definitely the perfect song to get you energized and motivated, and no event is more important than the Olympics. Shin Yu Bin will have the support of ARMY ahead of the big event later in the year. You can watch the iconic song below.

Source: Korea Herald and FI