BTS’s V In Uniform Spotted On Patrol At Festival, Footage Wows Fans

“I was greeted by a very handsome soldier…”

In her latest Instagram update, OG Korean vocal group Big Mama‘s Lee Ji Young captured BTS‘s V greeting her mid-patrol at a festival held in Chuncheon city.

Big Mama’s Lee Ji Young (Top Left) | @Bigmama_again/X

The festival, held June 9 in celebration of Korea’s “Month of Patriots and Veterans,” promoted Lee’s appearance alongside other performances to show appreciation for the veterans.

June is a month of appreciation, remembrance and public recognition of patriots and veterans in Korea. Every year on June 6, the public commemorates the allegiance and sacrificed lives of fallen heroes and military personnel who fought for the country. Memorial Day was designated as a holiday on June 25, 1956, to remember those who fought and died during the Korean War. Every year on Memorial Day at 10 AM, a siren is sounded for one minute in remembrance of those who gave up their lives for their motherland, and the national flag is flown at half-mast to pay tribute to those who sacrificed their lives.

— Seoul Metropolitan Government Website

Lee commented she did not recognize V at first but soon realized what a handsome gentleman he is, even off stage.


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Today, after performing at the festival in Chuncheon, I was greeted by a very handsome soldier on my way down from the stage. Soon, I realized it was hoobae BTS’s V. I’ve seen how fascinating he is on stage, but I had no idea what a gentleman he is off stage. He’s even cooler in uniform. I was so flustered that I forgot to take a picture with him, but thank you @kuang_725 for grabbing this video of us.

Wishing you a safe and healthy completion of service and looking forward to seeing you back on stage, too!

#GreatGuy #BTS #V #LeeJiYoung #BigMama #Chuncheon #RememberFesta

— Lee Ji Young

The video, alongside other sightings shared by those who attended the festival, have since made its circulation online…

| @soop_0613/X

OMG. A friend of mine saw Taehyung-ie today and sent me this…

— @soop_0613/X

and ARMYs can’t get enough of V’s visuals—decked out in his uniform “like a movie.”

Screenshot 2024-06-09 at 4.43.02 PM
| @luv270/Instagram
Source: theqoo


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