Min Hee Jin Captures BTS V’s Carefree Dancing In The Middle Of A Busy Pedestrian Crosswalk

He’s so adorable!

It’s probably not often that someone as famous as BTS‘s V can walk around out in public without being recognized by someone, but ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin recently captured such a moment of the idol dancing adorably!


She posted the video on her personal Instagram on September 24 without any caption, but one wasn’t really necessary. It shows V on a public pedestrian crossing without any staff or security around him, and none of the people standing nearby seem to realize who they’re next to!


When V seems to realize that Min Hee Jin is recording him, he breaks into a cute little dance with a bright smile on his face. He does it once again when he starts to cross the street too, which the CEO is unable to keep herself from giggling at.


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V later went on to share the video on his own Instagram story.

Fans are endeared by the cute clip and seeing V looking so relaxed and carefree!

It just goes to show that you don’t need music to have a little impromptu dance session no matter where you are!