Min Hee Jin VS. Hedi Slimane — Fans Debate Over Whose Aesthetic Is Better For BTS’s V

Which do you prefer?

CELINE’s creative director Hedi Slimane recently directed and shot a photoshoot for BTS’s V. It was said that he took charge of everything, from styling to artistic direction, and camerawork itself.

BTS’s V for CELINE by Hedi Slimane. | CELINE

The rest of the photoshoot will be released at a later date, but fans are already excited. On the other hand, the concept was so different from his recent shoot for Layover, that fans couldn’t help but compare the aesthetics.

V for Layover| HYBE

Layover was directed by ADOR’s Min Hee Jin, one of the most well-known directors in K-Pop.

V for Layover| HYBE

Her unique direction makes the viewer feel tingly, sentimental, and youthful all at once.

V for Layover| HYBE

No wonder V personally sought her out for his solo album!

V for Layover| HYBE

Fans voted on whose aesthetic on V was their favorite.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Hedi’s is insane. Try that concept for him, regardless of whether it is for an album or in acting. I might join the fandom. Wow, it’s crazy.
  • Wow, this type of thing is fascinating.
  • I’m for Min Hee Jin. Her transparent aura is nice.
  • Hedi.
  • Kyaaa. Both are good.
  • Wow, this type of person is a celebrity for sure.
  • Wow, he suits both.
  • I really love V shot by Min Hee Jin.

Both directors have such distinct styles that we have to give it to V for pulling both off them off flawlessly.

Source: Theqoo