The One Thing BTS’s V Misses Most About Being On Tour

His answer has us all soft 🥺

BTS and President Moon Jae In recently sat down for an interview with television journalist Juju Chang for the talk show Good Morning America (GMA). While filming the interview, V revealed what he misses the most about touring, and his answer was absolutely heartbreaking.

BTS’s V | @Priyank01757680/Twitter

During the interview, the members discussed their thoughts on the COVID-19 pandemic, the vaccine, and their hopes to go on tour again soon.


The group shared what they miss most about pre-pandemic life. J-Hope said he misses the “trivial daily part of life,” like gathering in groups to talk with other people. He said, “I get an energy from those moments that I haven’t been able to feel lately.” 

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Jin echoed J-Hope’s sentiment by saying “there’s a lot we miss in our daily lives.” He said, “Back in the day, I enjoyed drinking a glass of soju over gukbab (a Korean dish with hot soup and rice) with Suga after work.” 

BTs’s Jin | @slynrm/Twitter

Of course, as musicians, all the members miss touring and are eager to perform in front of ARMY again. Jimin said, “I hope that Covid ends quickly and we can get back to doing the performances we love.” 

Jungkook said, “Rather than photoshoots or TV shows, I could do concerts all day long. That’s the biggest loss for me.” 

BTS’s Jungkook | @don_bts_bp/Twitter

V followed up the other members’ statements with his own heartbreaking statement about missing performing live in front of BTS’s fans. He especially misses making eye contact with ARMY while performing on tour.

Most important of all are our fans, who trust us, root for us and embrace everything about us. It’s been almost a year and a half, two years since I’ve had real eye contact with ARMY. Since I don’t see them in person, I sometimes wonder if they really exist. ‘Do they exist? Are they still there?’ I ask myself. So that’s what I miss the most.

— V

V’s words prove how much he truly loves connecting with ARMY and how much seeing fans smiling back at him means to him when he’s on stage. We hope he and the rest of BTS get a chance to reunite with their fans soon.

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Source: Good Morning America and Good Morning America