V Has Been Left Out Of The “Break The Silence” Cast, Fans Respond With “BTS Is 7”

ARMYs are tired of this “error”repeating itself.

BTS is, and always will be, a seven-member group, and fans want everyone to know it.

On August 13, Big Hit Entertainment released the first trailer for BTS’s fourth documentary film, Break the Silence: The Movie, which will hit theaters on September 10.

One of these theater chains is AMC Theatres. When ARMYs looked at the page for Break The Silence: The Movie on AMC Theatres’ official website, they found a glaring error. V’s name is included in the movie’s description…

…but it’s missing from the cast and crew section.

This tiny “error” is upsetting fans because it’s far from the first time that V has been left out of official promotions.

When the Bring The Soul movie hit theaters last year, the exact same thing happened on Vox Cinemas‘ official website. V’s face was shown on the trailer’s thumbnail and on the movie’s poster…

…but his name was absent from the cast.

Now, fans are reaching out to AMC Theatres, asking for the mistake to be corrected ASAP.

In addition to this, ARMYs are flooding Twitter with supportive messages for V, trending “BTS IS 7” to show that BTS isn’t BTS without him.

Source: AMC Theatres