BTS’s V Has Been Left Out Of The “Bring The Soul” Movie Cast And Fans Aren’t Happy

This error is making fans feel upset and frustrated.

A small oversight is upsetting ARMYs in a big way, on behalf of BTS‘s V.


On June 25, BTS announced their third cinema film, Bring The Soul: The Movie. The film, which hits theaters on August 7, promises to provide an intimate glimpse into BTS’s world away from the stage.


Recently, fans spotted a glaring error on Vox Cinemas‘ official website. Even though V’s face is shown on the trailer’s thumbnail and on the movie’s poster…


…his name is not listed in the cast.


Fans are now expressing their anger and frustration over the fact that V has been left out yet again.


In January, ARMYs trended the hash “#TaehyungIsNotInvible” after V was left out of a BTS tribute at the 2019 Gaon Chart Music Awards. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that V was the only member not to be quoted. Instead, Suga was quoted twice.


V has also been left out of official promotions, in the past.


ARMYs are tweeting out at Vox Cinemas and Big Hit Entertainment to bring the error to their attention. They want V to receive fair treatment, and for these mistakes to stop happening.