BTS V’s Newest Brand Ambassador Role Shocks Fans After The Release Of A “Legendary” Commercial

It’s one of the biggest firms in Indonesia!

BTS‘s growth and popularity have skyrocketed since they debuted back in 2013, and it isn’t surprising that this rising exposure has meant that companies are fighting to have the members represent them.

The members of BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

Whether it’s fashion brands, commercials, or various brand collaborations, BTS has truly become a global name, even known to those who might not even know what K-Pop is.

Recently, V‘s influence shone as he was announced as the ambassador of a huge company based in Indonesia.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On February 28 (KST), firm SimInvest, one of Indonesia’s biggest financing advisory firms, released a series of posts teasing their new ambassador. Although no names were mentioned, ARMYs could recognize V’s silhouette immediately.

As soon as the next tweet was revealed, ARMYs had their suspicions confirmed after hearing the distinct and unique tones of V in the video.

On March 1 (local time) SinInvest officially unveiled V as their newest ambassador during a live stream. During the broadcast, a cutout of V was revealed to those watching and the screams and cheers from ARMYs were undeniable as the idol’s newest role was shared.

After the announcement, the company started sharing clips and videos of the idol. Along with a charming introduction video…

Yet, it was the longer introduction video that rightly sent the internet into meltdown, cementing V’s “Legendary status.” Set in a beautiful hotel, V looked like he was starring in a Hollywood movie with the lighting, vibes, and styling.

Even in a more relaxed setting that radiated boyfriend vibes, V seemed to perfectly embody the idea SimInvets wanted and the concept they were going for.

V then perfectly contrasted his chilled-out vibes with something more luxurious…

When the videos and adverts were released, V literally took over the internet, trending worldwide with several phrases related to his new role.

Twitter was full of fans praising V and congratulating him on becoming the new ambassador for SimInvest, while others couldn’t get over the idol’s legendary visuals for the advert.

It seems like whatever he does, or wherever he appears, V goes viral because of his legendary reputation. Companies are lining up to sign the BTS members, and it includes some of the top organizations worldwide.

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Source: SimInvest