BTS’s V Is Already Going Viral For His New Role As Brand Ambassador, Following In The Footsteps Of Another Legendary Korean Star

The company sure knows how to pick ambassadors!

BTS‘s V was recently announced as the newest brand ambassador of a huge company.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

On February 28 (KST), firm SimInvest, one of Indonesia’s biggest financing advisory firms, released a series of posts teasing their new ambassador. Although no names were mentioned, ARMYs could recognize V’s silhouette immediately.

Luckily, ARMYs didn’t have to wait long as March 1 signaled the official announcement of V’s brand ambassador role.

During a live broadcast, they made a huge deal of announcing V as the newest ambassador, and although he wasn’t there, the cheers from ARMY could be heard.

Along with the reveal, the first content involving V was released on social media. Yet, it was the commercial that truly went viral across the world.


The commercial rightly sent the internet into a meltdown after V showcased his legendary visuals and charisma throughout.


Yet, while V’s commercial is truly legendary, it shouldn’t be surprising that SimInvest picked the idol because they seem to have a reputation for picking iconic Korean stars.

Before V was the ambassador for the company, it was a role held by none other than famous actor Hyun Bin.

Actor Hyun Bin | @vast.ent/Instagram

Back in 2021, Hyun Bin was announced as the brand ambassador for the company with the theme “I am an Investor.”

Hyun Bin’s poster after he became the brand ambassador for SimInvest in 2021 | SimInvest

While V’s commercial was smooth, sleek, and sophisticated, Hyun Bin had an equally legendary debut for the company. With cameos from others, Hyun Bin’s commercial was sleek, high-tech, and perfect for the actor.

From there, like V will in the future, Hyun Bin continued to create content for the company, moving from being a successful CEO to radiating boyfriend vibes.


After realizing whose shoes V would be following in, netizens couldn’t get over the legendary standards the company had. From one of the top actors to one of the top idols, it seems like SimInvest has a type and knows how much star power can impact the company.

It seems like SimInvest know how to pick its ambassadors, and the fact that both gained attention for their legendary commercials proves that both V and Hyun Bin were perfect choices.

You can read more about the commercial below.

BTS V’s Newest Brand Ambassador Role Shocks Fans After The Release Of A “Legendary” Commercial

Source: SimInvest