Move Over Judo: BTS’s V Has A New Hobby

V is a man of many talents!

BTS‘s V just revealed that he’s been learning judo, but he has another new hobby as well!

BTS’s V | @taetaeland/Twitter

On February 10, V posted a video of himself practicing judo to his Instagram story. Needless to say, ARMYs were shook!

| @thv/Instagram

While ARMYs are still talking about V’s judo video, he mentioned that he’s picked up another new hobby, too. Lately, he’s been into golf! An ARMY asked V if he knew how to play golf on Weverse. V said yes, and he took the opportunity to brag on his newfound golf skills.

  • ARMY: Taehyung-ah, do you know how to play golf?
  • V: I once hit a 7-iron between 175-182 meters which was really great (bragging).

Considering the average male golfer can hit the golf ball approximately 109 meters with a 7-iron club, V is showing a massive natural talent for golfing!

| BTS/Weverse

Another ARMY asked V who he golfs with, and he revealed that he started learning golf because his dad wants to play with him. What a sweet son!

  • ARMY: Who did you go golfing with?
  • V: My dad said his greatest wish is to go golfing with me so I’ve been learning for the past three weeks-ish. I haven’t even made my debut out on the field yet…

Clearly, V has been very busy picking up new hobbies. We hope we get to see a glimpse of his golf skills one day!


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