BTS’s V Has Been Having Fun Testing Out New Weverse Features, But ARMYs Are Stressed

And he has some ideas for even more new features too!

We all know that when it comes to Weverse, BTS‘s V is the boss! From enforcing an impromptu giveaway to late-night chats with ARMYs, Weverse is V’s go-to app.

BTS’s V giveaway announcement | Weverse

During the time when he announced the surprise giveaway, he also requested Weverse to make some updates to the app (which they did). This included the ability to change one’s profile picture and additional notifications.

| Weverse


I’ll give you two weeks

Read notifications when members look at ARMY’s posts or a like button, profile picture changes

— V

Weverse has recently added some of its own updated features to the app. Many of these have been causing stress to users on the app as creators can now password-protect their posts and limit comments.

Luckily for ARMYs, it seemed BTS had not yet discovered these features… until now. V took to Weverse late in the evening/early this morning (dude, it’s like 3 or 4 AM?) and was interacting with ARMYs on their posts as he usually does when suddenly he decided to have a little more fun.

BTS’s V | Weverse

“I want to grow out my hair.

— V

BTS’s V posted something that of which many ARMYs have no idea what it was because he made it a “secret post,” meaning you had to have a password to access it. Although many tried, there seemed to be no clues as to what the password was. Some have suggested it was related to his previous post in which he said he wanted to grow out his hair, so some guessed it was related to mullets. But before many could both try and succeed, he had deleted it!

| @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

If that wasn’t enough to cause anxiety and stress to ARMYs, he tried yet another newly discovered feature to the app. He limited comments on some posts to just three, and he would respond to the lucky firsts.

| @BTSupdate_7/Twitter
| @cooing_tae/Twitter

He also requested in a now-deleted post for Weverse to implement yet another new feature: polls. And since we know V is the boss, after all, this will likely be added soon as per his request!

| Weverse via @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

Then after experimenting with the features for a while, he peaced out! He wished ARMYs a goodnight and just left after everything.

| @BTSupdate_7/Twitter

While he’s sleeping soundly, ARMYs are left with questions. Did he drop a preview of his mixtape only to delete it? Did he post a selfie? We may never know.

This just might be pure chaos unfolding before our very eyes.

| @pradaparks/Twitter

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Source: Weverse


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