BLACKPINK Have Been Having Fun With Some Of The Features On Weverse, And The Results Are Hilarious

The members have definitely learned to use the platform!

It hasn’t been long since BLACKPINK joined Weverse, and as well as fans being extremely excited about the new addition, the members have been finding their way around the platform. In particular, after getting to grips with Weverse, the members have been having some fun with BLINKs.

The members of BLACKPINK | @BLACKPINK/ Twitter

On August 2, Rosé made BLINKs very excited as she uploaded a series of posts on the website. Yet, fans were surprised to see that she had a little surprise up her sleeve after fans realized she had put passwords on all of her posts! Many were worried that she would teach the other members how to do the same thing!

It seems as if Rosé did exactly that and had been teaching her fellow members a thing or two about Weverse. On August 4, Jennie decided to share some posts with fans, and she also decided to put a password on them! Luckily, fans managed to crack the password, which was “babo,” and were treated to this stunning selfie of Jennie!

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | Weverse

After that, it seems as if the members enjoyed this feature so much that they continued to tease fans by uploading a number of posts but password protecting them all! Even Jisoo got in the fun!

What made BLINKs laugh even more was that, when Rosé made the post with a password, Jisoo asked for some hints on what it could be. Yet, when Rosé asked the same to help BLINKs out, Jisoo explained that she wasn’t going to give passwords out so easily, and the fans had to work to find it out!

Some fans thought it seemed harsh as, when the members first started posting things with passwords, Jisoo joked that she didn’t have to find the password, adding “It seems like I don’t need a password because I’m a member of Blackpink.” Even Jennie joined in on the joke as many BLINKs struggled to work out the password.

| Weverse

If this is happening only a few days after the group got Weverse, it will be fun to see what else they have up their sleeves for BLINKs! Hopefully, they don’t make fans work too hard to see their amazing content!