BTS V Comes To NU’EST W’s Rescue At Golden Disc Awards

He solved their problem just like that!

The NU’EST W members were faced with a little situation at the recent 33rd Golden Disc Awards but luckily, BTS’ V came to their rescue!


In a fan-taken video, the NU’EST W members could be seen discussing what to do about the fact that there were only 3 chairs for their 4 members.


After a long discussion between the members, the solution they came up with was for two members to sit and two members to stand so that one member would not be standing alone.


Fans poked fun at the seating the members agreed upon, calling it a “family portrait”.


Meanwhile, V who was sitting next to the group suddenly got up from his seat and disappeared somewhere.


Not long after, he came back bringing with him another chair, solving NU’EST W’s problem instantaneously! After setting the chair down for them, he casually returned to his seat as NU’EST W thanked him for the chair.


V also received a big thumbs-up from Jimin, who looked proud of his fellow BTS member.


Thanks to V, all 4 NU’EST W members were able to take a seat side by side!


Watch the full video here:

Source: Pann Nate


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