Here’s What BTS’s Members Will Look Like At Age 85

V turned himself into a grandpa, and now ARMYs are going wild with FaceApp.

A new FaceApp challenge is turning Twitter into one, big geriatric party, and Grandpa BTS are the VIPs!


Not long ago, K-Pop fans (and idols themselves) used a baby filter to transform today’s stars into the cutest infants you’ve ever seen. Now, fans have started the #AgeChallenge by using the FaceApp to change young idols into old men and women. Like Jay Park says though, even in old age they are “sexy4eva”!

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#sexy4eva 🤷‍♂️

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is the first BTS member to jump on the #AgeChallenge bandwagon. In this tweet, he asked fans if Grandpa V should dance to “Dionysus” for them. The answer is a resounding, “yes!”. Young or old, fans will never tire of seeing him perform. Chances are, BTS will still be selling out stadiums as seniors!


Here’s another V edit, made by ARMY.


The rest of BTS haven’t posted their own edits yet, but ARMY has done it for them! Here’s a look at Leader RM in his senior years. He’s as distinguished and dashing as ever.


Next up is the oldest of the old BTS members, Jin. Is he still Worldwide Handsome? Obviously.


Is he still causing his stylists grief by self-dyeing his hair? Most definitely! Like ARMY’s love, Jin Hit is forever.


The next-oldest senior is Suga. We all know that Suga doesn’t actually age, so we may never see all these wrinkles in real life!


J-HOOOOOOOOPE! Here comes the brightest ball of sunshine in the nursing home. J-Hope is still vibrant and joyful in his senior years!


Even as a grandpa, Jimin hasn’t lost his charismatic charm, or his chic fashion sense!


He’s also still touring the world to see ARMYs live in concert!


Now, let’s see how old age has treated the “baby” of BTS, Jungkook. Whether he’s 21 or 91, he will always be the Golden Maknae…


…and ARMY’s favorite “bunny”!


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