Park Bo Gum, Seo Joon, And Park Hyung Sik Spotted At BTS’s Latest Concert

They came to support their bff, V!

BTS kicked off their “BTS World Tour Love Yourself” in Seoul, where thousands of fans arrived to support the members.


Not only did fans arrive to support the group but BTS V‘s closest actor friends were spotted among the large sea of ARMYs!


Actor Park Bo Gum took time off from his busy schedule in preparing for his new drama to come support V and his members.


He hid under a baseball cap to go unnoticed by fans, but anyone can spot Park Bo Gum’s beauty from a mile away!


Park Bo Gum pulled out his own ARMY Bomb and cheered on his friends all throughout the concert!


Not only was Park Bo Gum in attendance, ARMYs spotted Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik preparing to cheer on their good friend V!


Park Hyung Sik came covered in a large bucket hat and mask but he couldn’t hide his excitement to see V perform!


Park Seo Joon didn’t try at all to hide his fandom. He came to cheer on his friend and was proud to show it!


Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik sat right on the ground floor, right in the midst of the other fans!


All throughout the night, they waved their ARMY bomb as they cheered with the crowd!


And they couldn’t help but be in awe of BTS’s spectacular performance stages!


What a lucky guy to have three of his closest (and famous) friends come to cheer him on despite their busy schedules! Congratulations, V!