BTS’s V and Park Hyoshin Share A Friendship That Goes Deeper Than Fans Knew

Did anyone say friendship goals?

BTS‘s V and Park Hyoshin recently co-hosted an MBC radio show called Kim Eana’s Starry Night. The two showed great chemistry as they talked music and life in between playing their favorite songs. While this might be the first time V and Park have done an official schedule together, their relationship goes way back.

Earlier this year, V shared Park Hyoshin’s song “Sound Of Winter” on his Instagram story with the caption, “I am desperate for a new song.” Park released the track in 2018.

V showed exactly how close he was to Park when he posted a series of Instagram stories with the singer in January. The two sang along to Matt Maltese‘s “Less And Less” together, which made fans excited about the possibility of a collaboration.

In July, Park uploaded an adorable snap of the two together, with the words “NAMU” and “ARMY” edited into the picture. While “ARMY” refers to the BTS fandom, “NAMU,” the Korean word for “tree,” is used to refer to Park Hyoshin’s fandom SOULTREEs.

| @parkhyoshin.official/Instagram

V also attended a show of The Man Who Laughs, the musical that Park stars in. Park’s co-star Kim So Hyang shared a picture of some of the cast members backstage with V. People who had spotted the BTS member in the audience later shared that he was very supportive throughout the show, dancing along and cheering enthusiastically.

(From left to right) Lee Soo Bin, Park Hyo Shin, V, Kim So Yang | @sophie801224/Instagram

This long-standing friendship also has some touching behind-the-scene stories that V shared during Starry Night recently. On a day when V was sick. Park actually visited him at home and brought along medicine. The two spent some time listening to music together before he left. The next day, V video called him early in the morning, and the two listened to Gan Torino together.

The two seemingly talk a lot when together. V said when he meets Park, time seems to fly. V has even tasted Park’s mother’s cooking and wishes to travel with him and Eana someday since they share many common interests.

There is no doubt that both V and Park Hyoshin are highly appreciative of each other as artists and individuals. Fans are touched after realizing how pure their friendship is, even beyond the scope of social media.