BTS’s V, Park Hyung Sik and Park Seo Jun For A “Hwarang” Reunion Trip 

The bromance is strong with this one.

The bromance levels between these three celebrities did not stay at the set of the “Hwarang”…

In fact, they are so close that they have decided to go on a quick break together amidst their busy schedules.

Park Seo Jun posted this photo on his Instagram with the caption, “Thank you for taking the photo, Auntie. Let’s go home now.” 

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The photo was simply a silhouette of them together commemorating their quick trip to Busan.

Their friendship grew and maintained it through supporting each other’s projects. Recently, Park Hyung Sik even made a special shout out to V at the Seoul Music Awards.

Park Hyung Sik Shows His Love For BTS’s V At The Seoul Music Awards


Source: Dispatch