BTS’s V, Park Seo Joon, And Park Hyung Sik Recently Had A Sleepover, Here’s what they did

Park Seo Joon revealed what Park Hyung Sik, BTS’s V, and he did when they recently got together to celebrate the end of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”.

The popular bff-trio, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik and BTS‘s V, recently hung out together to celebrate Park Seo Joon’s completion of What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?


Park Seo Joon revealed that V and Park Hyung Sik slept over his parents’ home as they enjoyed good food together and caught up on each others’ lives.

“About 3 days ago, after I finished the drama, V and Hyung Sik came to sleep over my house where I live with my parents.

We ate lamb skewers and watched a movie.”

— Park Seo Joon


Although it’s been a while since all three got together, they’ve been in contact with each other constantly. V watches every single episode of Park Seo Joon and Park Hyung Sik’s dramas, and makes sure to cheer them on even during his busy schedules!

“Even amidst his incredibly busy schedule, V monitors all of Hyung Sik and my projects. He watches them while on the move. He’s usually abroad somewhere, so he often texts me, ‘Hyung, I have bad wifi right now, so I can’t watch the drama.’

While I was filming Fight My Way, V saved me on his phone as ‘Athlete Ddongman’. That’s how much he loves Hyungsik and my dramas. I’m pretty sure he watched all of Suits and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?.

We contact each other very often, but we mostly talk about our projects.”

— Park Seo Joon


Park Seo Joon couldn’t help but gush over V, calling him ‘lovable’ and ‘cute’!

“Everything V does is so lovable that you can’t help but be grateful towards him. He even cutely threatens me if I say I can’t make it to his concerts.”

— Park Seo Joon


Park Seo Joon concluded that he is able to grow more as a person thanks to his close friendship with Park Hyung Sik and V, and the love between each other is clearly evident by their continual support for each other!

“Just as V supports and cheers me on, Hyung Sik cheers V on just the same.

We’re all doing very well. I believe I learn more about myself as I spend time with my friends.”

— Park Seo Joon


Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik, and V… please don’t ever change!