BTS’s V Gets Real About The Past Experiences That Influenced His “Layover” Concept Photos

There was a reason he went for a more natural look.

BTS‘s V recently sat down with soloist IU for an interview on her fun musical variety program, IU’s Palette.

Together, the two talented idols discussed their friendship, talked about V’s recent solo debut, played games, and performed songs live.

IU (left) and BTS’s V (right) | 이지금 [IU Official]/YouTube
Much of the episode focused on V’s long-awaited solo debut as the talented BTS member broke down the creative process that brought his solo album Layover to life.

To help with the creative direction of the album, V sought the help of ADOR CEO Min Hee Jin, who is also the creative director of fellow HYBE Labels artist NewJeans.

Min Hee Jin | @min.hee.jin/Instagram

V had previously revealed during a Weverse live that Min Hee Jin had surprised him with an impromptu photoshoot one evening, which resulted in more natural and laidback photos as the BTS member had no time for preparation.

BTS’s V in a picture from his impromptu photoshoot with Min Hee Jin | Weverse

V revealed that for his impromptu photoshoot with Min Hee Jin, he was only wearing lotion because he was initially under the impression that he was only meeting her for dinner.

IU complimented the naturally handsome star, praising the concept photos for his solo album while sharing that she liked the photos of him not wearing makeup even better.

V said he “just had fun” during the photoshoot, which IU attributed to him getting such “great results.

In response, V revealed the reason he chose a more natural approach for his concept photos by hilariously asking IU if she understood the feeling of getting “concerned and embarrassed” when an album’s conceptual photos are too “over the top.

Having experienced that himself, V made sure he “filled the album” with photos he “liked very much.

While discussing his solo debut, V admitted there was one “regret” he had. Check out more on that in the article below!

BTS’s V Admits He Has One “Regret” About His Solo Debut

Source: YouTube