BTS’s V Posts Photo Of Himself With iPhone—Has His Contract With Samsung Galaxy Ended?

The infidelity accusations are true?!

Is BTS‘s V cheating on Samsung Galaxy with Apple iPhone?


BTS have been ambassadors for Samsung since 2020. For the past couple of years, BTS have appeared in many ads and promotions for the tech brand, promoting their phones. They even released a BTS Edition of the Galaxy S20+ and Buds+.

| Samsung

Most members have been commended for their brand loyalty during this time, especially Jin and Suga, who have shouted out Samsung Galaxy at any opportunity.

Yet, there have been multiple infidelity accusations against others, especially V. Recently, ARMYs noticed that an Apple emoji was used on his Instagram Stories.

That was not all, though. V also posted behind-the-scenes photos from filming the “Slow Dancing” MV.

Among the photos was a black-and-white candid of V on his phone, which was clearly an iPhone. And he never deleted it.

| @thv/Instagram

Previously, when V shared posts that exposed that he was using an iPhone, he either would have to censor it or delete it.

| @taeisthv/X

ARMYs were initially shocked by V posting an uncensored iPhone pic of himself, considering this isn’t permitted when you’re contracted to a competitor company. Yet, it seems like V might no longer be under a contract with Samsung.

Samsung has been continually posting ads with their current celebrity endorsers, including K-Pop group Stray Kids, soccer star Son Heung Min, and some BTS members. This year, Suga, RM, J-Hope, and Jimin have each appeared in photos and videos advertising Samsung Galaxy. So, each member appears to be under a solo contract rather than a collective as before. Jungkook, V, and Jin must be the only three who did not renew a contract with Samsung.

It seems as though V has been hinting at us for a while. Another ARMY pointed out that iPhone sounds can be heard during “Rainy Days.”

Although no official statement was released concerning Samsung Galaxy’s contract with BTS, we can assume, based on the recent social media activities on both parties’ part, that V is free to post what he would like.


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