“Bring Back Actor V” — BTS’s V Is Making ARMYs Nostalgic About “Hwarang” Days With His Photo-Folio

V is always showcasing his status as a true “All-Rounder!”

BTS‘s V is one of those idols that has always been called an all-rounder because no matter what he does, he instantly takes to it like he was born to do it.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Well, it seems like V is once again showcasing just how talented he really is.

Recently, V has started releasing previews for his upcoming photo-folio. In the videos shared, netizens couldn’t hide their excitement after seeing that V was actually riding a horse in the clips, adding to the timeless and vintage feel of the concept.

| BANGTANTV/YouTube   

Even in the images posted, the idol truly channels major main character vibes, looking like someone from an old novel.

Yet, aside from sending the internet into meltdown for his visuals, it actually took ARMYs on a trip down memory lane to when V was filming for the K-Drama Hwarang.

BTS’s V in “Hwarang” | KBS

While filming the series, V spent a lot of time learning how to ride a horse properly and released this footage for fans to see. Although it is tough, especially for someone who has never done it before, V took to it and worked hard to make it look effortless.

| @bts_twt/Twitter
| @bts_twt/Twitter 

Despite his hard work, V eventually revealed that he wasn’t able to put his horse-riding and martial arts skills to use, especially as his character met an unfortunate end before the show finished.

When the videos were posted, netizens quickly took a trip down memory lane, remembering just how hard V worked to learn how to ride a horse. Since the teasers have been released, ARMYs love that V is getting a chance to showcase his skills.

After all the practice, ARMYs love that V can finally showcase his horse riding skills, and it’s also made many nostalgic about his Hwarang days. Hopefully, it’s not too long before actor V makes a comeback.

You can read more about the photo-folio below.

BTS’s V Is The Perfect 19th-Century British Gentleman In Photo-Folio Concept Photos



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