“He’s Not Wearing Anything On The Inside…” — BTS’s V Gets Fans Sweating With New Pictures For Cartier

He was announced as their newest ambassador.

BTS’s V was recently named as the latest ambassador for Cartier. He will also be the face of their new Panthère de Cartier campaign.

In newly released photos, V smoldered in a tailored suit that was the very shade of red that represents the brand. He was adorned with gold jewelry, including the Panthère de Cartier necklace that costs $26,700 USD.

| @thv/Instagram

Made of white gold, diamonds, onyx, and emeralds, the expensive piece made V shine even more. V wore the suit without any inner shirt, giving fans a rare glimpse of his bare torso.

| @thv/Instagram

The communications manager for Cartier Korea also teased fans with a little preview.

The exciting news of his ambassadorship, paired with the sexy shoot got fans a little hot under the collar.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • Oh my.
  • He’s not wearing anything inside…
  • He suits it so well! Insane!
  • F*cking handsome.
  • Ah, I’m going crazy.
  • He suits red so well. F*cking handsome.
  • Insane. He suits it so well. Give us more!
  • He suits his hair color well.

After the news of his ambassadorship went live, the Cartier website crashed.

Fans from all over the world went crazy.

The expensive necklace he wore also soon sold out. The power of King V!

Source: Theqoo