Does BTS’s V Want To Make His Acting Comeback? His Dream Role Is To Play A Villain

Yeah, we like bad boys…

BTS‘s V is ready to get back into acting?!


Since V appeared in the historical K-Drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth alongside his now-friends Park Seo Joon and ZE:A‘s Park Hyung Sik, ARMYs have anticipated more roles for the BTS member.

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Yet, aside from BTS’s projects, such as music videos, documentaries, or variety shows, including Jinny’s Kitchen or In the SOOP, V has yet to make his comeback in acting. And, of course, he has contributed many great OSTs to not only Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth but Our Beloved Summer and Itaewon Class. 

V has been rumored to join the cast of K-Dramas, including Netflix‘s hit Squid Game. However, he was not included when the Season 2 cast was announced.

Now, V has revealed the role he most wants to play in a newly released interview with Rolling Stone. 

To ask a question about acting, I’ve read that you really want to play a villain, which feels a little unexpected. I’m wondering why that kind of role appeals to you.

Rolling Stone 


Rolling Stone asked V what attracts him to a role, specifically a villain. V revealed that he is a movie-lover and is often drawn to antagonists.

I’m someone who just really loves watching movies. Whenever I do, I find myself naturally drawn more to the villain characters rather than the heroes.

— V

V explained that if you view the film as a whole, you realize that villains play a crucial role, impacting everything from the story to the chemistry between characters.

When you watch a film, you have to look at the big picture, or the forest for the trees. I think that villains play a very big role in making that overall picture complete; they really have to sell their own charisma to make the movie come to life. If the villain doesn’t really have depth to their character, or if there’s no chemistry between the characters, then the hero can’t really shine either.

— V

So, V has become drawn to the villain characters, so much so that he hopes to one day play one. It’s a goal of his now.

So I always end up watching the villain characters closely. I’ve told a lot of my friends and people around me that I now have this ambition to play a villain at least once.

— V

Last year, V named actor Heath Ledger, famous for portraying Batman villain Joker, as one of his role models. He has mentioned him on many occasions.

Although V is such a sweetie, we know he would absolutely slay any role, including a villain! We hope V can fulfill his dream soon and make his acting comeback.

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Source: Rolling Stone